Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I loved Thief and the cobbler by Richard Williams, it was done before CGI and I say that because there are moments which you would think could only be done with a computer and the fact that they were hand drawn will blow you away. Make sure to see the recobbled version if possible, well worth it.
I also highly recommend Williams book on animation, a treasure trove of goodness whether you animate or not.
I drew Princess Yum Yum in a more damsel in distress way which is quite the opposite of how she was in the film. She's quite the independent gal. But at the end, Tack steps it up a notch and kind of sweeps her off her feet, so that's more where this one was coming from.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


So I've been catching Soul Eater when I can(the few nights I stay up late) and I could never figure out if the character of Crona was a boy or girl until finally in one episode Medusa(the mother of Crona) calls Crona her Daughter. So with that particular episodes subtitles I am running with and aging Crona up into a woman. Just cause I wanted to do a quick sketch of something other than a BG!