Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was inspired by an old Calleros drawing I had found..I'll post it below once it's scanned.
2 of the Ultraverses' most powerful characters that never got their chance to shine. I suppose the sheer awesomeness of that duo could not be unleashed without risking massive upheaval.
Also pictured is the nefarious Mr. Paraniod, ignore him at your own peril.

The OG version of the D bunny.as drawn by the illustrious Mr. Calleros
Sadly no known picture exists of StrongBeard.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Wish it were wallpaper sized (nudge nudge) ;)

Albert said...

I knew these heroes.

They were power.
They were wisdom.
They were righteousness.

They were DEAD!

(dramatic sting)

to be continued....

Albert said...

Deathbunny, Deathbunny,
From what hole do you hop?
Deathbunny, Deathbunny,
Methinks it is hell.

Keith Conroy said...

*sniff* those were some beautiful comments.

Albert said...

I see by the massive outpouring of comments, that the world is hungry for Deathbunny and Strongbeard.

Keith Conroy said...

they are just awestruck and have been left speechless.

Albert said...

Just checking in to see your new drawing. I'll be back later.

George said...

I see a box with a question mark in it.

The power of that question mark makes me doubt reality and all the surrounds it and binds us.

It's a really powerful statement for so small an image.

Unknown said...

Nice drawings!

Albert said...

Why don't you just leave this drawing up FOREVER?? I love it that much!!